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Switch Types: Tongue and Bite, both 2.5 and 3.5mm bayonet connections available in 3 ft. or 6 ft. lengths.

Special Needs Application Testimonials
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  “The fluid and organic motions of a classical pianist are not restrained in any way because of the efficiency of Conceptus’ bite switch. A team of fellow freshmen engineering students, attending The University of Texas at Brownsville, volunteered to design and fabricate a device that would assist a fellow student operate piano pedals. This student, Juan Torres, is an excellent friend and piano player, who is in a wheelchair. After practicing with Juan, and noticing how he is restricted in the musical selections he could play, a music professor, Dr. Kenneth Saxon, proposed the need for the device. Our device operates with a bite sending a wireless signal to an electric motor that depresses any sustain pedal of any acoustic piano we like. Juan is currently practicing for a concert that is scheduled to be held for the public next spring. Thanks for the great product. “
Michael R. Espinoza, University of Texas, USA
Juan Torres Demonstrates Piano Apparatus by University of Texas
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  “The way my patient uses the bite switch is for his dynavox communication device. He has ALS, so he cannot move 98% of his body, except for his eyes and mouth. The way it works, the device scans 1/6 of the screen within a highlighted box. When my patient see the 1/6 box he wants, he bites on the switch. It sends the signal to the device and then the device decreases the 1/6 box to rows. Then the device scans the row, when my patient wants to pick the letter/word he wants in the row, he bites on the switch and it puts it on separate area. On the separate area, he can build words. He can also use a laptop with the device. It is the same concept with the word, except it has symbols for moving a mouse in a direction and clicking and other things to use a laptop. I hope this gives you an idea of how it works.“

  “My patient has been using your switch for almost 3 years now. Thank you for your time and piece of equipment. My patient wouldn't be able to communicate without it.“

Gerry L Masana, RN
Evening News Demonstration

  “I do use E-Z keys and morse code on my computer. Conceptus introduced me to this bite switch that skydivers use for photography. With E-Z Keys, that switch has been a solution to the problem of not being able to use my hands. Dick at Conceptus has been very helpful. I use it daily but I put some wear on the switches.“
Frank Vanik, Maryland, USA
Frank's YouTube Demonstration

  “I’m a quad using Smart Nav to operate my computer, (Conceptus)supplied me the device and your service has been great, thank you. I use Smart Nav in conjunction with Dragon 9.5 voice recognition. At great cost I ordered the [R1000] switch , but it did not suite my needs. I enlisted the help of an electronic engineer and a micro switch was developed that could be operated by mouth. This was the solution, but sadly the enzymes in saliva and electronics do not make for longevity, we tried to seal the unit but couldn’t get it right Then we found what we were looking for, make 2 types of sealed units, either a tongue operated or bite operated. It's a fantastic switch and the perfect solution to the Smart Nav for someone who can’t operate an orthodox switch. I endorse as the best solution I’ve found, check them out,
Contact person is Dick, I’ve got such good service from this guy and know you’ll get the same and be just as impressed as I.”
Dieter Marzinger, Guateng, South Africa

  “Thanks Conceptus! Your Tongue switch works great with my Canon T1. I am a Quadriplegic of 23 years and love photography. While skydiving last year I noticed the photographers were using Conceptus remote switches. So ordered a tongue switch and I can’t be more pleased. Thank you Dick!
Kevin Paronto USA

"My name is Chris Meyer and I was told you might be able to assist me, I've been a quadriplegic for 26 years and for a lot of those years I enjoyed photography but due to some complications I had to give it up until recently. Now that I have the opportunity to take pictures again I purchased a Canon eos rebel T1i but I am unable to press the shutter release button so I need a switch preferably one I compress with my tongue, if you could please help me it would be greatly appreciated."

"My camera release switch arrived and it was exactly what I needed to help me start taking pictures again, I cannot thank you enough! I look forward to taking many pictures even though some of my subjects might not agree. .lol Again, thank you thank you thank you"
Chris Meyer Orland, CA

"The Conceptus Bite and Tongue switches are simply INGENIOUS!"

"As a C6-7 incomplete quadriplegic drummer/inventor, I design custom equipment that allows me to play a full drum set (bass drum and all) using only my hands and mouth. After contacting Conceptus about incorporating their devices into my set-up, they not only provided me top-quality mouth switches with custom length cables and jacks, they bent over backwards for me in a timely manner with some of the BEST customer service I've ever experienced!"

"By enabling me to access several different electronic foot functions simultaneously by the press of my tongue, I'm able to free up my hands, allowing me to play elaborate rhythms, effortlessly! But most importantly, I am able to spread encouragement to others through music by demonstrating that everything is possible, despite ability or disability."

Thanks Conceptus! You ROCK!
Jason Gerling

"You and your companies attitude toward "special" cases is extremely commendable. I wish that was adopted more widely considering equipment for the disabled is always so overly priced!!!"
Keith Shirk

"My colleague Rick Bamford from Drake Music Scotland was in touch with you previously concerning our trial of a bite switch for one of our talented participants. We received it safely and our young musician has had great success using it."
Beth Whiteside

"Hi, We make camera switches for another market - remote photography - but we also sell into the disabled market. For a couple of years we have linked to your site on this page . Basically using gentLED-TRIGGER and your switch product increases the range of cameras that can be mouth switch controlled to include ones with IR."

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding custom plugs or lengths, application compatibility issues or would like to correspond with our testimonial contributors.